4th January 2011: The loss of a sister-in-law, was not how I envisaged 2011 would start. It was a devastating blow. Its been five days, and I still don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet.

Am still reeling from the shock of finding out one of my closest friends and confidants died from a disease she never had. I’m the Asthmatic one, not Mercy!

If at all I have grasped anything from this shocking news is that I should learn to value my friends more carefully. That I should be a better friend. Should be there more for my friends, should learn not to make promises I can’t keep.

Every time I think of Mercy, I remember the countless times I told her I would go and visit her, the last text she sent me on New Years day that I didn’t reply to, the number of times i should have followed my instinct and just called her when I felt like it. Instead of putting it off for when i have sufficient call credit.

Mercy Tanita Green was an enigma, she was quiet and loud, boisterous and shy but most of all my dearest friend.

If ever I had a problem I felt I couldn’t share with anyone, i could tell Mercy. She had pockets full of wisdom, she told it to me straight and in no uncertain terms. You know I think am still waiting for HER to call me and tell me she’s dead. Because that’s the kind of friend she was. She would tell you what everyone else was afraid to tell you. Not because she was malicious, no, but merely because she hated wasting time on lies.

In my heart she is still alive, i hurt that she never got to leave as big a dent in the world as she did on me. So in part this is a mark, a mark that she was here and she touched me along with countless others.


Mercy Tanita Green

27th February 1986 – 4th January 2011

You will be sorely missed my friend.